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In today’s world, the web has gone mobile. Studies suggest that more than 90 million people access the Internet through their smartphones, tablets and other devices, and that number continues to rise. Your patients are on-the-go; it’s time for your website to be as well.

Without a mobile website, your practice risks losing a huge mobile audience, as sites optimized for desktops can be slow to load, tough to navigate and unattractive when viewed on a mobile device. Creating a mobile site will not only expand your web presence but open your practice to a whole new market.

At MedNet Technologies, our unique service provides your practice with a full mobile website that ensures the ultimate user-friendly experience for potential patients.

Your full mobile website will look exactly like your website, but with enhanced visibility on mobile devices.

Our full mobile sites offer:

  • Straightforward and simplified navigation
  • No zooming required – text, links and photos are all sized appropriately
  • One-touch calling, directions and email functions make it easy for potential patients to contact you
  • Faster loading than a traditional website

Why settle for the default, scaled-down version of your website? Every page of your website will be optimized for mobile!

When patients find you through Google or visit your site via a link shared on Facebook, they will immediately reach the content they were looking for, rather than being directed to the homepage of a basic mobile website.

By 2015, more people will use mobile devices than computers to view websites. Gain your competitive edge now


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