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How Healthcare Pros are Using Social Media

Written by Kayley Conti
July 12, 2012

Which social networks are most popular among healthcare institutions? What are the benefits and concerns of using social media in healthcare? This new infographic released by Healthcare IT News answers these questions and more!

Going Social in Healthcare

This survey found Facebook to be the most popular social network among health professionals, followed by Foursquare. Check out a few other ways healthcare professionals can use social media:

  • Live-tweeting procedures
  • Location-based marketing with check-in services
  • Getting involved with Pinterest
  • Using social media as a customer service platform
  • Running a promotion or special offer
  • Sharing interesting, original blog posts

  • Going Social to Reach More Patients

    As you can see, social media platforms offer a variety of ways to reach patients. Interested in going social? At MedNet, we’ll launch and manage your entire social media campaign, sending out frequent status updates and blog posts to grow your network of patients. Contact us to get started!

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    1. im interested in setting up a social media campaign. I have a Facebook page, a twitter account

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