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Google’s New Knowledge Graph Provides Smarter Search Results

Written by Kayley Conti
May 22, 2012

Get ready — your Google search experience is about to get smarter. Last week, Google announced the rollout of the new Knowledge Graph, which Google says will help “discover new information quickly and easily.” Providing more intuitive search results, Google says the Knowledge Graph increases the chance of users finding what they’re actually looking for and more!

With Knowledge Graph, new search results include:

  • Semantic search-Google says the Knowledge Graph will provide different sets of search results if your search query has more than one contextual meaning. For example, if you were to Google search “Taj Majal,” Google would ask if you’re looking for information about the famous building or the band.
  • Summary of your search query-In addition, there will now be topic summaries with key facts, descriptions and photos, conveniently placed in the sidebar of search engines results pages. Google is tapping a variety of knowledge databases, including Wikipedia, Google Local, and Google Maps for these items. It currently has over 500 million people, places and things, and at least 3.5 billion facts in the Knowledge Graph.
  • Popular relevant information-The Knowledge Graph will also share unique and interesting information relevant to your search queries.

How does the Knowledge Graph affect your SEO?

Providing knowledge instead of just information, the Knowledge Graph will change the way people use Google and essentially increase time spent on the popular search engine.

Additionally, it’s going to be more important than ever to provide valuable web content, articles and blog posts with more in-depth information that provides the answers your audience is looking for.

Watch this video for more information about Knowledge Graph.

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