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Infographic: Social Media Acronyms You Need to Know

Written by MedNet staff
June 12, 2014

Whether you are in charge of running your practice’s social media accounts or would just like to be in the social media lingo loop, there are a handful of terms that you should be familiar with.

Marketing and social media news site Steam Feed created an infographic of the 40 social media acronyms “heard bellowed down the halls of Facebook, and babbled in Twitter chats.”

Out of the full list, we’ve picked out the top ten social media acronyms you should know. It doesn’t matter if you’re a social networking expect or have just sent out your first tweet — if you’re online, you should become familiar with these terms!

Top 10 Social Media Acronyms:


  1. CTA = Call To Action
  2. GA = Google Analytics
  3. PPC = Pay Per Click
  4. RSS = Really Simple Syndication
  5. SEM = Search Engine Marketing
  6. SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  7. SMO = Social Media Optimization
  8. SMP = Social Media Platform
  9. UX = User Experience
  10. WOM = Word of Mouth


Infographic created by b2socialmedia.com


View the full list of here!


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