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Why A Strong Online Reputation Has Become Important for Doctors

May 18, 2015

It is vital for a business to have a good reputation. Customers prefer transactions with a business having a good reputation, even with differences in pricing for the same services offered by the business' competitors. However today, reputation is almost synonymous with a company’s online reputation. Whenever someone requires a service, they go online, and...  read more

How To Make The Most Of Social Media

May 14, 2015

Despite the pervasiveness of social media, the medical industry is far from embracing it. Doctors shy away from employing social media tools to forward their careers and expose their practices to new business. This is largely due to privacy and liability concerns. However, with a little effort it is possible to put these concerns aside...  read more

How Doctors View And Use Social Media

May 11, 2015

A study conducted by the Journal of Medical Internet Research has given us an insight into how doctors view social media. Even though healthcare social media networks are on the rise, doctors are unsure of the benefits of interacting online in their professional capacity. Many doctors say that the ambiguous legal and ethical implications of...  read more

How Twitter Can Make You A Better Doctor

May 7, 2015

Social media marketing is not just for businesses anymore. Even individual professionals like lawyers, actors, real estate agents and architects among others can use the social networking sites to connect with their clients and find ways to give more than they are currently offering. Even doctors, can make the most of social networking sites, to...  read more

How To Promote And Protect Your Online Reputation

May 5, 2015

The digital revolution has made access of information about anyone and anything easier than before. Of course, there are security and privacy options that you can use to prevent everyone from accessing information available about you on the web. Regardless, it is possible for people to write about you or share your private or personal...  read more

Social Media Etiquette For Medical Professionals

April 29, 2015
Upload: April 27, 2015

Doctors and other medical professionals are not untouched by social media. Many physicians use it for both personal and professional use. There are a number of gray areas when the issues of being a doctor and a social media user collide. To give an example, there is no prescribed solution to the dilemma of accepting...  read more

The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website

April 27, 2015

On April 21st, Google began rolling out a major algorithm update that will have a significant impact on mobile search results. Deemed the "Mobilegeddon," this update was designed to allow mobile-friendly websites to appear higher in mobile searches, while non-mobile sites will experience lower rankings. Despite all this talk about mobile-friendliness, there is still a...  read more

Doctors And Transparency On Social Media

April 22, 2015

Transparency, in all its varying degrees, is a hot topic of discussion among physicians. The world of social media places a high premium on transparency. If a doctor wants to become popular on social media and grow their practice, they must be transparent. Transparency Goes A Long Way Great doctors don't shy away from showing...  read more

Why Twitter Is Valuable For Young Physicians

April 20, 2015
Upload: April 14, 2015

Twitter has become a popular social networking website for doctors. They are using it to extend their web presence, communicate with patients, market services or just chat with colleagues. In fact, many hospitals are also active on Twitter, and have gained a following of engaged patients. So, if you are thinking of joining Twitter, you...  read more

Guidelines For Ethical Use Of Social Media For Physicians

April 15, 2015

If the Internet has made it easy for physicians to stay informed about the latest advancements and events in the medical field, social media has given them the tools to collaborate with peers in their professional capacities. Whether it is information sharing or taking advice or guidance from more experienced colleagues or simply discussing common...  read more

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