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Role of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

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August 15, 2015

Over the last few years, digital marketing has started playing a very important role in every industry including the healthcare industry. While it was possible earlier to do without digital marketing and opt for more traditional methods, today, however, it has become almost indispensable. This is because an ever increasing number of people are not only becoming active online but are also looking for solutions to their problems, including health related, online; consequently, anyone in the healthcare industry neglecting digital marketing can find themselves adversely affected.

Digital Marketing: Why Should the Healthcare Industry Worry About it?

Digital marketing includes, among other things, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and mobile marketing. The healthcare industry should worry about digital marketing because it is an effective and an inexpensive way of marketing as compared to traditional methods. The following are the ways in which digital marketing can affect the healthcare industry:

  • Search engine marketing: As already mentioned, the number of people that are looking to the internet as an answer to their problems has increased, and will keeping on increasing, with the passage of time. Businesses that employ search engine marketing – including search engine optimization and ad campaigns – will gain higher visibility than those who don't.
  • Social media marketing: Not only are more and more people becoming active online, they are also becoming active on social media. And, today, social media is akin to “word of mouth” marketing; in healthcare sector, in particular, “word of mouth” plays a very important role. Social media is very powerful and having a good reputation there is absolutely essential.
  • Mobile marketing: Courtesy of advancements in mobile communication technology, a significant number of people who are online connect to the web through their various mobile devices; these people are expecting not just information but also a good user experience when they deal with you online through a mobile device; this is what mobile marketing is all about. It goes without saying that a bad user experience will turn these users away from you.

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