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How To Write Good Content for Medical Practice Websites

Written by Stefanie Baum
November 19, 2014

When writing content for your medical practice website, you're writing for more than just your patients— you're writing for search engines. It's important to understand the characteristics of web readers, as well as what to write that will grab a search engine's attention. If you write content for the web the same as you would for print, you're making mistakes. Web readers have a much shorter attention span than print readers, so it's important to get to the point quickly. To follow are tips on how to write good content for your medical practice website.

Get to the Point

  • Imagine web users have the attention span equivalent to that of a toddler
  • Be authoritative
  • Be informative
  • Be direct
  • Be honest
  • Put the most important information first, supplement with details later

Anecdotes and Personality Need Not Apply

  • Being clever takes away from an authoritative tone
  • You can frame content creatively while maintaining authority
  • Providing information should remain a constant goal

It's All About Headlines

  • Most web users don't critically read web content
  • Web users want to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible
  • Using headline and subheads will attract web user's eyes to sections of most importance
  • Your readers are likely skimming through content rather than deep reading for lasting comprehension
  • Use bullet points and numbered lists to break up large blocks of text to increase readership

Write for Everyone

  • Avoid complicated medical terms when applicable
  • Don't use high-brow language
  • Use uncomplicated, common language

Write for Search Engine Optimization

  • Use keywords
  • Use variations of keywords
  • Make sure you're writing for people first, and search engines second
  • Keywords should flow organically throughout content
  • Good content can drive your ranking on a search engine (SEO)

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