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Facebook Tries to Reduce Clickbait Headlines

August 15, 2017
social media marketing Melville, NY

We’ve all fallen for them — leading headlines that pique your curiosity and get you to click on a link that turns out to be nothing like what the headline alluded to. Clickbait. This summer, Facebook has been trying to figure out how to separate clickbait headlines from real headlines and to limit the former....  read more

Is Your Practice a Social Media Customer Service Failure?

October 15, 2016
social media

What do you do when a patient posts something on your practice’s Facebook page? More importantly, what does your practice do when a patient posts something negative on your Facebook page, or on any other social media platform? If you’re like 92.5 percent of U.S. companies, your responses merit a failing grade. Those numbers come...  read more

Are You Making the Most of Your Social Media Presence?

By admin
November 30, 2015
social media marketing

For the most part, social media is a fairly simple way to grow and keep an audience and clients. Done right, regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms can have a huge reach with relatively little effort on your end. But to really make social media work for you, it’s not quite as...  read more

Four Ways to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

June 25, 2015

Over the last few years, the popularity of social media has increased exponentially. For most people, social media is a great way to connect with their friends and family and to tell their stories. For businesses and professionals, including medical practices and doctors, however, social media can be a lot more useful. What you have...  read more

Four Popular Social Media Practices to Avoid

May 28, 2015

Social media channels provide doctors excellent marketing platforms , but there are some aspects that can be difficult to handle. You are being observed constantly and each one of your social media activities can affect your practice's reputation, and therefore, growth. As a result, it is important to know and follow the dos and don'ts...  read more

Three Social Media Tips for Doctors

May 21, 2015

Over the last few years, marketing has changed drastically, thanks to social media. For all businesses, including medical practices, a social media presence is vital. Not only does it help you reach out to your patients directly and give them information about your services, but it also helps your practice to gain more visibility and...  read more

How To Make The Most Of Social Media

May 14, 2015

Despite the pervasiveness of social media, the medical industry is far from embracing it. Doctors shy away from employing social media tools to forward their careers and expose their practices to new business. This is largely due to privacy and liability concerns. However, with a little effort it is possible to put these concerns aside...  read more

How Doctors View And Use Social Media

May 11, 2015

A study conducted by the Journal of Medical Internet Research has given us an insight into how doctors view social media. Even though healthcare social media networks are on the rise, doctors are unsure of the benefits of interacting online in their professional capacity. Many doctors say that the ambiguous legal and ethical implications of...  read more

How Twitter Can Make You A Better Doctor

May 7, 2015

Social media marketing is not just for businesses anymore. Even individual professionals like lawyers, actors, real estate agents and architects among others can use the social networking sites to connect with their clients and find ways to give more than they are currently offering. Even doctors, can make the most of social networking sites, to...  read more

Social Media Etiquette For Medical Professionals

April 29, 2015
Upload: April 27, 2015

Doctors and other medical professionals are not untouched by social media. Many physicians use it for both personal and professional use. There are a number of gray areas when the issues of being a doctor and a social media user collide. To give an example, there is no prescribed solution to the dilemma of accepting...  read more

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