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Five Ways Your Medical Website Influences Your Visitors

By admin
September 15, 2015
Upload: September 12, 2015

For healthcare professionals, having a good website is one of the most effective ways to market their practices/products. It helps them reach a larger audience and makes it easier for patients to find them. A good web page can increase your patients, but a bad web page can drive them away. There are web design...  read more

Three Essential Medical Marketing Strategies

May 25, 2015

Marketing is essential for every business, even your medical practice. Your marketing approach has the ability to make your practice a success. But if not properly devised and implemented, it can also see you lagging behind your competitors. How you market your practice is up to you, but there are certain indispensable strategies that you...  read more

5 Medical Marketing New Year's Resolutions

December 29, 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, it's important to make a plan for the coming year to better market your medical practice. To follow are five medical marketing New Year's Resolutions that can help you gain new patients and expand your medical practice. 5 Medical Marketing New Year's Resolutions That Will Increase Your Bottom Line...  read more

Should My Medical Practice Advertise with Groupon™?

December 2, 2014
Upload: December 2, 2014

The popular deal-of-the day website, Groupon boasts 17.03 million unique visitors monthly in North America, according to Statista, the worlds largest Statistic's Portal. Groupon offers discounts specific to a user's locale, ranging from deals on local restaurants and spas, to exercise classes, to foreign vacations. New to the concept, medical practice deals are now making up...  read more

Reasons to Invest in Medical Marketing

November 7, 2014

Doctors often rely on word-of-mouth, insurance and hospital affiliations for patient recommendations. However, the stakes are high among healthcare providers to acquire new patients. Private practices can benefit greatly from investing in a medical marketing campaign. Online marketing for medical practices can greatly increase the amount of new patients you're treating each day. To follow...  read more

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