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Facebook Tries to Reduce Clickbait Headlines

August 15, 2017
social media marketing Melville, NY

We’ve all fallen for them — leading headlines that pique your curiosity and get you to click on a link that turns out to be nothing like what the headline alluded to. Clickbait. This summer, Facebook has been trying to figure out how to separate clickbait headlines from real headlines and to limit the former....  read more

Making the Most of Your Practice’s Facebook Page

May 15, 2017
facebook marketing

By now you’ve heard our views on the need for your practice to have its own Facebook page. It’s a great way to really engage with your patients (and potential patients) outside of your office, plus it’s free. Of course, the time spent making posts on your page isn’t free, but it’s oh so worth...  read more

Using Facebook to Build Patient Loyalty

December 15, 2016

“You need to build your brand.” “Creating brand loyalty is paramount.” As a practice, you may not think of yourself as a brand, per se. And all the constant yammering from “experts” about brand building can be overwrought. But the truth is your practice is a brand of sorts. You may be the brand that...  read more

Beacons and Place Tips Can Be Great Tools

November 15, 2016
facebook beacon

When a customer is in your practice waiting for their appointment or otherwise with a few minutes to kill, wouldn’t it be great to be able to welcome them, tell them about a special or new procedure, and maybe even show them pictures or reviews from their friends about your practice? And what if you...  read more

Live Streaming from Your Practice with Facebook Live

By admin
February 15, 2016
Upload: February 18, 2016

Do you want your practice to have its own little broadcasting option? Maybe a patient wants to give a live testimonial before they leave the office, rather than coming back at some later time. Maybe you want to show off a new piece of equipment. Maybe you have a new reception area. Now, thanks to...  read more

Different Ways to Boost Your Facebook Interaction with Customers

By admin
January 30, 2016
Facebook engagement

Running a practice has never been easy, but the ever-increasing use of social media for businesses has added an additional area that needs to be on your active radar. Facebook recently touted that it now has over 50 million small business pages. To celebrate that milepost, Facebook released a bunch of new tools to help...  read more

Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

April 3, 2015

According to a report recently released by Strategy Analytics, Facebook ads accounted for 75% of all social ad spending in 2014, bringing in $11.4 billion over the course of the year. With more than 1.4 billion monthly active users, it's no secret that Facebook should be a part of your marketing plan. If you aren't...  read more

Tips for Creating Relevant Facebook Ads

February 19, 2015

Facebook has recently begun rolling out a new feature to help you make the most out of your Facebook ads. Starting this week, they began showing a “relevance score” to marketers, a calculation based on both the positive and negative feedback they believe an ad will receive from its targeted audience. These scores range from...  read more

Why You Should Convert to a Facebook Business Page

January 15, 2015
Upload: January 15, 2015

Converting your personal Facebook profile to a professional business page requires a few easy steps, but it's entirely necessary. When it comes to physicians and their medical practices, their online presence should be kept professional. If you have a successful personal profile, it's recommended to convert the page rather than starting new. Converting the page...  read more

Changes to Your Facebook News Feed

December 12, 2014

The world of social media is constantly evolving, and Facebook is no exception. In their efforts to constantly improve the user experience, Facebook surveyed hundreds of thousands of people with the goal of finding out what people want to see in their News Feed. What they learned from this survey is that users would rather...  read more

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