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Social Media Sharing: Make a Winter Holidays Pinterest Board

Written by Remy Melina
December 16, 2013

With Chanukah having already passed and more holidays fast approaching, wintertime cheer is in full swing. Here's a guide for how you can take advantage of seasonal health-related topics and share your practice’s content on Pinterest – which in turn will drive more traffic to your professional site and blog.

First, write interesting, topical blog posts that are timely. For example, an orthopedic surgeon’s office can write about tips for preventing winter injuries, while a pediatric dental office can publish suggestions for replacing popular holiday candy with healthier options. This way, the topic is seasonal and relevant, while also highlighting your practice’s services.

The next step is to assign appealing images to all of your blog posts. These will be what you’ll pin to your board, and what will lure other Pinterest users to click on the image and follow its attached link to your site. Then, make a board full of holiday safety or health tips to pin your articles to.

You can also add images that you like from other users’ Pinterest boards, which is a great way to increase engagement and see what other practices, companies and brands are doing on social media. Finally, share a link to your new board via all of your other social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Click on MedNet’s "Happy & Healthy Holidays” board below to use as an example or inspiration for your practice's board:

Feel free to pin and share your holiday boards and ideas with us, and happy holidays!

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