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6 Free Photo Websites to Beautify your Blog

Written by Kayley Conti
April 27, 2012

Blog posts with images tend to get more views, shares and engagement from readers. But, unless you purchase stock photos, create your own graphics or take pictures yourself, you may find it hard to find free, quality images that can be used without penalty.

Looking to beautify your blog with pictures? Here are 6 free photo sites!

  1. PublicDomainPictures.net: Here, you can find and download free, public domain images. While most are free for both personal and commercial use, some do require a model or property release when being used to sell a product or service.

  2. FreeDigitalPhotos.net : This site allows you to search and download a small version of any photo for free! If you don’t feel the image is of adequate size for your blog, you can choose the purchase a larger size. If you do use a free image, you must publish an acknowledgement to FreeDigitalPhotos.net and the image creator on the same page or screen that the image is used on. Click here for instructions on how to acknowledge FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

  3. MorgueFile.com: This site is a public image archive with tons of amateur photos you can use for creative or commercial work. Feel free to use and edit photos as you wish! No need to reference the original contributor.

  4. StockVault.com: While not all images on the site are free, create an account and browse through over 32K free images. There are certainly some interesting healthcare pictures!

  5. Wikimedia Commons: This database has over 13 million freely usable media files. Anyone can contribute photos. Browse through and find photos to make your blog posts pop! All are free, but some have stipulations for use. Check out each photo’s “copyright tag” before using.

  6. StockFreeImages.com: Visit the largest collection of free stock photos and high quality free images. Browse, download and be sure to attribute where credit is necessary. View each photo’s “credit line” to find out.

To avoid penalty, always take caution when using images from these sites, and be sure to read each site’s terms of use carefully. While some content may not have strict legal requirements of attribution, for ethical reasons, consider attributing your source.

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