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3 Reasons to Consider Google+

Written by Lynne Murray
February 7, 2014

In today's media conscious world, most businesses and medical practices are utilizing popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Google+, however is quickly becoming a popular way for doctors to highlight their presence online.

So, what are some of the reasons to implement Google+ into your social media plan?

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Google+:

  1. Google+ helps your visibility in search engines. Every doctor wants to appear on a search engine result as soon as possible. Having a Google+ account will help you accomplish this goal. Google+ users will find that they have a broader search engine optimization influence, making their pages much easier to find. This is one type of social media that will truly help increase awareness and visitation to your practice's web page.
  2. Google+ has more unique features than Facebook and Twitter. One feature completely unique to Google+ is known as "Circles." This helps users organize their followers on the website, from friends, family, co-workers, patients, etc. Another unique feature of this social media website is the way that users can share content. Unlike with Facebook and Twitter,  Google+ Circles allow you to post information and content selectively, which means you don't need to share everything with your friends or followers! Additionally, you can join different "Circles" on Google+, which will allow you to closely connect with other communities and individuals,  and even with other medical practices.
  3. Google Local. Google Local will pull up information unique to a certain Google+ page in search engine results. This means content unique to your website, such as your blog entries and web content, will be more widely visible! Google Local will also be especially helpful in showcasing your medical practice in local search results- allowing you to reach patients in your own backyard! Businesses and medical practices that are listed in Google places can now claim their own Google+ page as well.

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