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How to Improve Your Local Ranking

September 15, 2017
Internet Marketing Melville, NY

It may seem obvious, but a local result is what comes up for a person searching for a business or place near their current location. They come up in Maps and in general Google searches. And what good is a search result for a “dog walker” in Orlando when you live in Wichita? So, when...  read more

Facebook Tries to Reduce Clickbait Headlines

August 15, 2017
social media marketing Melville, NY

We’ve all fallen for them — leading headlines that pique your curiosity and get you to click on a link that turns out to be nothing like what the headline alluded to. Clickbait. This summer, Facebook has been trying to figure out how to separate clickbait headlines from real headlines and to limit the former....  read more

Search on Phones is Now King

July 15, 2017
mobile website design Melville, NY

It’s no secret that Google has been continually moving its focus to mobile users over the past few years. But there has been a debate about whether people were using their phones for search in the way they utilize search on their desktop computers. Recent Google research says they are and then some. A study...  read more

Machine Learning Looks for Quality Content

June 15, 2017
content marketing Melville, NY

  At Advice Media/MedNet, we’ve been proponents of quality content from day one. Not only does quality content (particularly for medical practice websites) show expertise, it also aligns with the sophisticated/trustworthy image most practices need to attract new patients. Google is a believer in quality content, as well. In 2013 the company introduced a complete...  read more

Making the Most of Your Practice’s Facebook Page

May 15, 2017
facebook marketing

By now you’ve heard our views on the need for your practice to have its own Facebook page. It’s a great way to really engage with your patients (and potential patients) outside of your office, plus it’s free. Of course, the time spent making posts on your page isn’t free, but it’s oh so worth...  read more

Don’t Yelp When it Comes to Yelp

April 15, 2017

Some people love Yelp. Others not so much. But this business rating/review site isn’t going anywhere, so it pays to know some of its ins and outs. As with other review sites such as RealSelf and Healthgrades, practices need to pay attention to what’s going on with their Yelp page, keeping photos and all practice...  read more

Don’t Write Off Desktop Search Just Yet

March 15, 2017
website design

If you keep abreast of developments in the world of search and how it affects your practice, you’ve probably read about the increase in the use of smartphones when it comes to search. If you listen to all the hype you’re tempted to think that people searching for your practice and the procedures you provide...  read more

Content is King, but Bad Content is a Jester

February 15, 2017
content marketing

Content, content, content. In the digital marketing realm today it’s all about content. Google made it so. A couple of years back Google changed its algorithm to move away from using keywords, which clever people had learned to totally game, and toward what was actually on the websites its bots crawled, the content. Suddenly, content...  read more

If You’re Emailing Your Patients, the Question is When

January 15, 2017
email marketing

Many of our MedNet | Advice Media clients use email marketing to their current and potential patients. While any communication with your patients is valuable, there are some things to consider when creating and sending your next email. First some facts about email marketing There are more statistics on email marketing than time to go...  read more

Using Facebook to Build Patient Loyalty

December 15, 2016

“You need to build your brand.” “Creating brand loyalty is paramount.” As a practice, you may not think of yourself as a brand, per se. And all the constant yammering from “experts” about brand building can be overwrought. But the truth is your practice is a brand of sorts. You may be the brand that...  read more

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