October, 2014

MedNet Improves Graphics to Support Hi-Res Mobile Devices

October 27, 2014

This week MedNet Technologies released new graphics to support higher resolution mobile devices for mobile-friendly sites. In addition to the new graphics, our client's sites have been re-coded and improved to display more correctly on smartphones and tablets. Having a mobile-friendly site is essential for effective online marketing and for reaching your target audience. To...  read more

Four Reasons to Add Google+ to Your Social Media Plan

October 24, 2014

Now more than ever, social media plays an important role in marketing. As a result, many doctors and medical practices have an active presence on established websites like Twitter or Facebook. Another social media site you may wish to consider adding to your practice's social-media plan is Google+, which is rapidly growing in popularity. Four...  read more

How to Generate Blog Topics for Your Medical Practice

October 22, 2014

When it comes to blogging for your medical practice, generating relevant blog topics may prove difficult from time to time. It's always important to write for your audience. Here are a few tips for generating blog topics. Keywords Use Google Adwords, or keyword generating websites to see what people are searching for online. Websites like...  read more

SEO: Your Friend or Your Foe?

October 20, 2014
Upload: October 17, 2014

Part of the reason many people now view SEO as a foe, not a friend, are black hat search engine tactics. "Black Hat" SEO refers to websites that obtain higher visibility in search engine rankings practice through means which violate that search engine's terms of use. Search engine giant Google has policies against directing users...  read more

Social Media Terms You Need to Know

October 17, 2014

Social media plays an important part in marketing, now more than ever before. Your medical practices can reap the benefits of having an effective social media presence. When creating your web presence via social media remember some of these social media tips and terms. Here are the Top 10 Social Media Terms You Need To...  read more

Twitter Jargon for Beginners

October 15, 2014
Upload: October 14, 2014

For some, it seems that social media platforms should come with a user's manual. One of the most popular and effective social media platforms, Twitter, can also be one of the most intimidating for someone just starting out with social media marketing (SEM). Once you know how to use it effectively to market your medical...  read more

Top Rules of Hashtag Use

October 13, 2014

A hashtag is a word or phrase prefixed with the # symbol, which automatically makes that word or phrase into a searchable link. Hashtags are used on social media channels to connect individuals to a niche group interested in a particular subject. Doctors, for example, can take part in a healthcare-focused social media conversation by...  read more

Top 5 Components of Content Marketing

October 10, 2014

Effective content marketing is the best, and most organic way to increase your medical practice website's search engine optimization (SEO) value. The first step to effective content marketing is to develop a strategy. To follow are the top 5 components every medical practice should integrate into their content marketing efforts. Establish and define goals for...  read more

The Marketing Value of Hashtags

October 8, 2014

If you are a frequent social media user, you've probably already heard about something called a "hashtag." Represented by the # symbol, a hashtag is placed in front of a key word or phrase. That key word or phrase is then grouped into content, and turned into a searchable link. Simply put, placing the hashtag...  read more

Tips for Managing Your Practice's Social Media Presence

October 6, 2014

For someone new to the world of social media, getting started can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. Trying to manage a busy medical practice and a social media presence at the same time can be even more taxing. If you’ve been tasked with managing your practice’s social media presence, follow these tips to help...  read more

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