April, 2014

Social Media Marketing Check List

April 29, 2014

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are great ways to reach current and potential patients. Social Media Marketing (SMM) helps you grow your online presence and cultivate your reputation on the Web. Expanding your reach and boosting interaction over social media not only increases your online visibility, it also attracts new business...  read more

Twitter Tips: Why You Should Never Buy Followers

April 25, 2014

One of the best advantages of Twitter over other social networks is your ability to connect with Twitter users without them initiating the relationship by “Following” or “Liking” your brand. Now, you may have recently been pitched by a company selling Twitter followers by the bulk, but consider this: why buy followers when you can...  read more

Seniors' Internet Use Is Drastically on the Rise

April 25, 2014

Do older adults make up a large portion of your patient base? Perhaps you’ve been reluctant to invest in an online marketing strategy because you think your patients seek information offline. Well, recent studies suggest you may want to reconsider! A 2013 Pew Internet report found that although online seniors are less likely than other...  read more

3 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Posts for Mobile

April 24, 2014

Facebook recently revealed that they receive 1.28 billion monthly active users — many of whom access Facebook from a smartphone or tablet. Chances are, a great number of fans are viewing your practice's posts on their mobile Facebook app, whether it be on their newsfeed or on your page directly. Making sure that these mobile...  read more

Using Social Media to Gather Patient Feedback

April 24, 2014

Social media has offered an outlet for patients and consumers who want to provide feedback to a professional service. Unfortunately, it's often only those individuals with the most negative feedback to share that go out of their way to do so. Those satisfied or mildly displeased with their experiences may not feel invested enough to...  read more

Pinterest Inspiration: Spring Health Tips for Your Patients

April 18, 2014

Earlier this week, we went over the top ten tips for the setting up a Pinterest account for your practice. The social media site, which lets users create online boards of images and videos that are linked to other sites, is continuing to rapidly grow in popularity. A recent study conducted by the Pew Research...  read more

10 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

April 17, 2014

Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? If not, you should know it's third most popular social network in the U.S. and is visited by more than 18 million people monthly! In addition, Pinterest has the potential to further your practice's online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. Want to learn how to...  read more

Twitter Set to Launch New Pop-Up Notifications Feature

April 15, 2014

Twitter is preparing to roll out yet another new feature. Within the next few weeks, the microblogging powerhouse is scheduled to unleash a feature that will give users the ability to see real-time notifications pop-up on their screens. For example, if a user receives a direct message (DM), they will get a pop-up notification at...  read more

How Twitter's New Search Functions Can Help You Reach Patients

April 14, 2014

Even in the golden age of technology, people want to find their doctors through a referral or recommendation. Twitter might have made that easier for both users and healthcare practices. Popular social media microblogging site Twitter has recently introduced the addition of new filters to refine search results. Users can now modify and filter their...  read more

Getting Your Website Visitors to Take Action

April 11, 2014

In the early days of the Internet, many sites were created with the simple idea of establishing a presence on a new medium. Other sites were created with the idea of generating new business or fulfilling some other business function, but little was known about how people used the Internet and what strategies would maximize...  read more

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