November, 2013

Engaging with Millennial Women Online

November 22, 2013

Engaging with a younger generation of patients has become crucial for the success of any medical practice or office. Young adults who were born in the early 1980s (commonly called "millennials", or "Generation Y") are now becoming parents and turning to the internet to research medical care for their family. Millennial women remain particularly important...  read more

Finding Your Online Audience

November 21, 2013

Finding the right online audience can be a challenge. If you're directing your social media channels or website toward the wrong audience (or worse, no specific audience at all), it won't matter how many great Facebook posts you have, or how many brilliant tweets you've composed on Twitter. Finding an audience will help your practice...  read more

Write On: Reach More Customers Through Blogging

November 20, 2013

Setting up social media accounts is a great way to promote your medical practice and develop a web presence, but if you’re looking to expand your online reach and interact with patients and customers in a more in-depth way, blogging is the solution. Whether it’s set up as a section on your practice’s professional website...  read more

Social MD: The Many Benefits of Having a Social Media Page

November 15, 2013

Using social media to interact with patients will certainly drive traffic to your site, but have you ever thought about how social media can help your patients? Here are a few examples of ways doctors and hospitals can use social media to engage, inspire and even motivate patients. Engage: Mayo Clinic engaged a number of...  read more

Ways to Engage Your Clients via Social Media

November 14, 2013

Your practice now has its social media accounts set up, you’re making frequent updates and the number of fans and followers is on the rise. How can you keep up that momentum and make sure that that number continues to grow? Engaging with your clients, whether it’s via your Facebook or Google+ account, will keep...  read more

Why is Quality Web Design Important?

November 8, 2013

Thanks to medical website building sites and tools online, nearly anyone can build a website of their own. However, simply building a website is no longer enough. Your website needs its own personality, content, and unique design to stand out. Designing an effective website requires a great deal of thought, inspiration, and maybe even some...  read more

Business Etiquette for Your Practice's Facebook Page

November 7, 2013

For some doctors social media is very new. If you’ve never experienced Facebook with a personal page before it may be difficult to navigate a business page without that point of reference. Even if Facebook doesn’t interest you in the private realm, it is a necessary part of any doctor’s online presence. The name of...  read more

A Guide to Using the Latest Social Media Changes to Your Advantage

November 6, 2013

Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are constantly evolving and tweaking their settings in the hopes of attracting new users and creating a better experience for their current user base. Facebook, for example, is famous for frequently changing up its features and privacy settings. While many are annoyed by these seemingly constant adjustments, others...  read more

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