October, 2013

How to Raise Your Klout Score

October 31, 2013

Your business’ online presence goes a long way toward building its reputation and influencing how your customers view your practice. The more involved you are in updating and interacting on your social media accounts, the higher your Klout score. Klout ranks your social media standing on a scale of 1 to 100, with your number...  read more

The Importance of SEO Keywords

October 31, 2013

Choosing the right keywords is an essential component of effective search engine optimization (SEO). When someone uses a search engine, they type in a few words that describe what they're looking for. For example, if a patient types in "Plastic Surgeons, Long Island," those are the keywords. The search engine will then supply you with...  read more

How Does Google's Newest Algorithm Update Affect Me?

October 30, 2013

If you’re a doctor or practice with a website, chances are that if you get this newsletter you most certainly fit that category, you may be asking yourself, or your SEO company, how does Google’s new algorithm change affect me? Google’s latest algorithm update named “Hummingbird,” is the search engine giant’s next step in streamlining...  read more

Pinterest and Instagram Now Embracing Ads

October 25, 2013

Joining the ranks of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, both Pinterest and Instagram have announced that they will soon be unveiling ads.  Users will begin to see promoted content in their feeds from brands they don't follow, which can give you an opportunity to promote your practice to a new, social media-savvy audience. ...  read more

Top Mobile Apps For Doctors

October 25, 2013

As the medical field changes, more doctors are beginning to introduce mobile medical apps into their daily practice. These apps are designed with the purpose of making doctors more efficient, and to help patients gain greater insight into their medical care. Here are some of the most popular medical mobile apps doctors are using today....  read more

Utilizing Images to Get More Social Media Engagement & Shares

October 23, 2013

Interacting and engaging with your current customers and potential future clients via social media can be tricky. You want to get your company’s message across while also presenting something visually appealing enough to attract attention and draw visitors in. Research conducted by Facebook shows that, compared with just plain text updates, posts with photos receive...  read more

The Benefits of E-mail Marketing

October 18, 2013

With all the emphasis placed on using SEO, social media, and mobile marketing, e-mail marketing now seems like a lost art. However, the practice is still alive and well, and e-mail marketing can be especially beneficial for small medical practices. So, what are some reasons to consider implementing e-mail marketing into your marketing plan? It's...  read more

5 Tools and Apps for Using Images in Social Media

October 18, 2013

Images make a major impact — and website visitors have been shown to spend more time on a page featuring images than one that only contains text. Using and even creating high-quality images that correspond with your content helps to build your online presence and increase sharability. There are plenty of apps and tools geared...  read more

Mobile Marketing: The Next Step in Medical Websites

October 18, 2013

Are you missing out half of the potential patient traffic? If you don’t have a mobile site you could be. According to a recent Yahoo! study, 52 percent of mobile users will avoid a site entirely if it does not offer an easily navigable and user-friendly mobile site. Today mobile phones and tablets have all...  read more

SEO Oh No!

October 11, 2013

The words Search Engine Optimization is panic-inducing in many. Others think it’s a term for some magic mixed with keywords. And others still think it’s a hoax/unimportant/dead or any mix of that unhealthy combination. Part of this thinking comes from the tyranny of Google and its unending crackdown on Black Hat SEO practices.  As harsh...  read more

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