February, 2013

Get Better Results From Your Blog: The 5 Golden Rules!

February 28, 2013

If used correctly and efficiently, a blog can do wonders for your practice. It can establish you as a leader in your healthcare specialty, making you a trustworthy resource. Blogging can also enhance your online presence, enhancing your search engine rankings and visibility. Follow these 5 golden rules to be on the path to blog...  read more

Top 3 Myths About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

February 25, 2013

When it comes to driving new patients to your website, there are few things as important as Search Engine Optimization or “SEO.” With more than 85% of all Internet users finding websites through search engines, how you rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing are crucial to your practice’s online success. So, what is Search Engine...  read more

Looking to Grow Your Twitter Following? Check this Out!

February 22, 2013

When it comes to promoting your practice through Twitter, there’s one principle to always keep in mind: the more followers you have, the better! Understand that as your audience grows, so grows your influence, your clout and your impact on potential patients. With social media becoming such an important part of how patients learn about...  read more

5 Ways to Maximize your Mobile Marketing Strategy

February 20, 2013

Now is the time to maximize mobile marketing for your practice. Don’t lose patients because of your mobile presence! With more patients searching on smartphones and tablets, it’s crucial to make sure not only your website, but also your other marketing strategies are reaching mobile viewers. Here's how: Get a Mobile Website: A mobile website...  read more

What Users Want Most From Mobile Sites Today

February 13, 2013

Statistics show that 50% of local searches are performed on mobile devices. Furthermore, reports show an exponential rise in the number of patients searching for health information and providers on smartphones and tablets. If your practice lacks a mobile web presence, you’re failing to reach a huge and growing audience! Still not convinced you need...  read more

Social Media Ad Budgets Increasing in 2013

February 11, 2013

Social Media Marketing has two sides. There’s the “free” end, which involves staying active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, posting targeted content and having a meaningful dialogue with your followers and patients. All that these efforts cost is your time and knowledge. Then, there’s the “paid” side – particularly, Social Media ads. A powerful opportunity...  read more

3 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Posts for Mobile

February 7, 2013

Facebook has approximately 901 million monthly active users—over half of which access Facebook from a smartphone or tablet. Chances are a great number of fans are viewing your posts on their mobile Facebook app, whether it be on their newsfeed or on your page directly. Making sure these mobile viewers are presented with engaging status...  read more

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