January, 2013

Content Marketing and the Success of Your Practice

January 31, 2013

Content marketing. What’s that? It’s creating your own original content and giving it away for free. For free? Are you crazy? Stick with me. There’s nothing that people resent more than feeling like they’re being sold something. It’s the reason we channel surf during commercials, delete pitchy emails, and why we’ll walk out of a...  read more

Bing's Social Sidebar and Why Your Practice NEEDS to Be Thinking About It!

January 24, 2013

Google’s main competitor, Bing, is once again proving that search is going social! The company announced last week that Bing search results will now feature more content from the world’s number-one social network: Facebook. Revamping their “social sidebar,” The Bing Team explained these changes in a recent blog post. “…More often than not, we look...  read more

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Reasons You Need a Mobile Website

January 20, 2013

Have you visited your website from a smartphone or tablet? If not, try it! Does your site take longer than a few seconds to load? Do you have to pinch and zoom to view your navigation? Then it’s time to go mobile! Did you know? 46% of mobile web users are unlikely to return to...  read more

5 Ways to Make Your Practice's Blog Posts Pop!

January 17, 2013

It has been estimated that there are over 400 million English-language blogs on the Internet today. With a number like that, you may be thinking, “How could my blog possibly stand out?” Rest assured, even amidst such seemingly enormous competition, your practice’s blog can make an impression — if you know how to gain a...  read more

Facebook Announces Social Search Engine: Graph Search

January 15, 2013

Facebook – the world’s largest social network – has just announced it will be throwing its hat into the search engine ring. Unveiling Graph Search, a first-of-its-kind social search engine, users will now be able to sift through Facebook’s enormous collection of public data using a simple, visual interface. Where Google and other search engines...  read more

Want to Reach More Patients? Blog on Topics They Search!

January 7, 2013

If someone told you that one day, technologies would exist that could allow you to see exactly what your potential patients were searching for on the Internet, would you believe them? How about if they told you that these technologies would be completely free of charge and easily accessible to everyone? Of course, you’d be...  read more

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