November, 2012

Practice Management Column

November 27, 2012

Avoiding Claim Denials for Incorrectly Billed Influenza Vaccines for Medicare Beneficiaries National Government Services has seen an increase in Influenza (Flu) vaccine claims billed incorrectly by NY and CT providers. The top claim errors and tips on how to avoid them are as follows: Claim Denial How to Avoid Denial Multiple flu vaccines and administration...  read more

5 Tips for Running a Successful Holiday Pay-Per-Click Campaign

November 21, 2012

It’s officially holiday season! With people scrambling to get gifts, Google and other search engines are often the go-to source to find the best local deals. If you want to boost sales this holiday season on a controlled marketing budget, consider running a pay-per-click campaign. Benefits of a PPC Campaign: Know how much you’re spending...  read more

More Businesses Are Planning Mobile Marketing Strategies, Are You?

November 20, 2012

With more and more patients on-the-go and glued to their smartphones and tablets, eMarketer reports that 75% of businesses without a mobile strategy plan to implement one within the next year. Do you have a mobile marketing strategy at your practice? If not, you may want to begin planning! You may be wondering which types...  read more

Pinterest Launches Accounts for Businesses

November 17, 2012

As you may know, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing, and has become, one of the most popular social networks. While businesses have successfully used the unique photo-sharing site to create and share content, Pinterest recently announced new business accounts, aimed at helping more businesses share content on Pinterest and making it easy for...  read more

New Pinterest Board: Thanksgiving Health Tips for Patients

November 16, 2012

Looking for timely social media posts and blog topics? Want to make sure your patients stay healthy this Thanksgiving? Visit our new Pinterest board with Thanksgiving health tips and ideas, from recipes to portion sizes! Feel free to repin, and use articles for social media inspiration! Visit our board on Pinterest and comment with your...  read more

Encourage Patient Education Online

November 15, 2012

OrcaMD recently released an infographic with eye-opening statistics from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention about patient education. The infographic below suggests that half of patients walk out of the physician’s office not knowing what they were told and ask an average of only 0-2 questions per visit. Research also shows that patients are...  read more

How your Practice can Benefit from Establishing Google Authorship

November 9, 2012

You may have noticed that some search results on Google now contain photos. This photo, typically a headshot, is the claimed "author" of that page, article or website. Establishing Google Authorship can be very beneficial to your online presence and can be done by following a few simple steps! Visit Google’s Step-by-Step guide here. If...  read more

Press Releases: The PR Weapon Your Practice Needs to Be Thinking About

November 9, 2012

Think press releases are reserved only for politicians, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies? Think again! Historically, a press release served one purpose — to notify the press of a newsworthy event, in the hopes of garnering newspaper, radio and television coverage. In today’s world, it’s not quite that simple. Internet and search engine technology have...  read more

Practice Management Column: Healthcare Law Delivers Higher Medicaid Payments to Primary Care Physicians

November 6, 2012

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius last week announced the final rule implementing the part of the health care law that delivers higher payments to primary care physicians serving Medicaid beneficiaries. The new rule raises rates to ensure doctors are paid the same for treating Medicare and Medicaid patients and does not raise...  read more

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