April, 2012

Which Social Networks Should you Use to Promote your Medical Practice?

April 5, 2012

Are you experiencing social media overload? With social networks growing and changing, it is hard to keep up! We found this great resource from Column Five Media that may help you decide which social networks will be most useful for your medical practice, and the steps to take once you've decided. Visit Column Five Media...  read more

Google Says Paid Ads Increase Clicks by 50% or Higher

April 3, 2012

Last year, Google released a research study offering proof that organic and paid search results work together. (“Organic search results” means a listing appears because it’s relevant to given search terms, while “paid search results” are advertisements, such as pay-per-click ads.) Concluding that companies who did away with pay-per-click ads would suffer an 89% drop...  read more

5 Ways to Engage Patients with Social Media

April 2, 2012

The success of any social media campaign can be summed up in one word: engagement. An engaging post will generate conversation, is more likely to be shared and can open your social network to more viewers—and potential patients! Here are our 5 favorite ways to engage patients with social media: 1. Host a contest: Hosting...  read more

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