May, 2011

Reversing the Facebook Profile to Page Migration

May 17, 2011

In late March, Facebook introduced a migration tool to allow individuals and businesses to convert their profiles into pages. They promoted this feature by stating that it would offer businesses increased presence since Facebook users could simply "like" their page once it was migrated. Unfortunately, it would appear there have been some obstacles that have...  read more

Google Crisis Response: A Search Engine Focused on Different Results

May 6, 2011

Typically when we discuss Google, it is with SEO and SEM in mind. However, this search engine has been taking steps to look at the bigger picture. As a result, we felt it appropriate to draw some attention to a unique, charitable project pioneered by the internet giant. Google Implements a Crisis Response Initiative As...  read more

Google's New +1 Feature Will Offer Search and Web Page Sharing

May 4, 2011

Social network 'share' buttons have increased the number of ways that individuals can share information online. Now, Google has decided to implement a feature that offers the same convenience. In late March, Google unveiled their plans for the +1 button. This would allow individuals to share organic search engine results as well as web pages...  read more

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