March, 2009

Moving Beyond a Brochure Web Site – How to Define a Strategy That Makes Your Visitors Take Action!

March 29, 2009

In the early days of the web many sites were created with the simple idea of establishing a presence on a new medium.  Other sites were created with the idea of generating new business or fulfilling some other business function, but little was known about how people used the web and what strategies would maximize...  read more

Using Your Blog for Maximum Benefit to Your Medical Practice

March 2, 2009

Blogs are great tools for maximizing the effectiveness of your web site. They allow you to quickly and easily add content, build up the size of your site and keep postings fresh for a low cost. Blogs are what you make of them; there is not one specific way they have to be used or...  read more

What are Blogs?

March 2, 2009

What are Blogs? Blogs are web logs that are updated on a regular basis by their author. They can contain information related to a specific topic. In some cases blogs are used as daily diaries about people's personal lives, political views, or even as social commentaries. The truth of the matter is that blogs can...  read more

Blog Plugin Technology

March 2, 2009

Plug ins and widgets are programming scripts that add functionality to a blog. By default, blog installations come with a set of standard widgets and plug ins. The standard settings are normally sufficient for a practice in order to create an effective blog. A few practices, however, expand the functionality of their blog by installing...  read more

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